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The University Neighborhood Enhancement Team (UNET) is a cooperative effort between the University of California Police Department at Riverside and the Riverside Police Department. Each agency has committed four officers and one sergeant to a seventeen square mile area which surrounds the university. In addition to responding to calls for service between the hours of 5:00am and 1:00am, officers are encouraged to identify community concerns and seek out novel approaches to solving those concerns.

UNET team members work two shifts, day shift and swing shift. Officers from the University of California at Riverside are paired up with officers from the Riverside Police Department. This has proven crucial, as the officers can act as liaisons for the respective agency.

UNET team members work primarily in full uniform and drive marked police cars, but especially enjoy working on bike patrol during the summer months. Team members have found that bike patrol has been very successful in fighting crime and has also worked as a tool for community based policing. Residents have been very receptive to bike patrol and have even asked to see the officers on bikes more frequently.

One of the most effective tools at UNET's disposal is the use of the bicycle in patrol activities. UNET regularly conducts bicycle crime abatement programs which have resulted in numerous arrests for drug related crimes and has impacted the neighborhood with a significant decrease in overall crime activity. UNET has focused on everything from drugs and gangs, to burglaries and auto thefts during these programs.

The use of bicycles is especially effective in the many apartment complexes within the UNET boundaries, allowing officers to see and be seen in the interior portions of the complexes. Positive comments have been received from apartment managers and residents alike regarding the use of bicycles. Additionally, though no formal data exists, it does appear that officers are more approachable on a bicycle than in a car. We appear to be more visible to the average citizen and less visible to the criminal elements. In crowd control situations, bicycles afford greater and quicker access compared to the automobile.

UNET Bike TeamUNET has been working very closely with the University Neighborhood Association (UNA). UNA is a community action group which is comprised of residents, university students and university staff who live in the immediate area. UNET team members attend UNA monthly meetings and bring community concerns back to the team. The team has proactively worked on the concerns of UNA and brought several issues to a close. Traffic problems, juvenile problems and on-going vandalism continues to be the associations main concerns. In response to these concerns, team members have developed programs to fight them head on. As a result, traffic enforcement days have resulted in numerous citations being issued, impacting many of the traffic problems presented by UNA. Several identified problem juveniles have been caught and arrested for various crimes. UNA has been instrumental in identifying problems in the university neighborhood, and UNET continues to work closely with this organization, as their goal is to better their neighborhood.

Prostitution continues to be a problem along the University Avenue corridor. The UNET Team, with the assistance of the Riverside Police Special Investigations Bureau, the Riverside Police Problem Oriented Policing Team and University of California Riverside officers conduct on-going prostitution operations which target both the prostitutes and their "johns." The programs have been very successful and have lead to a decrease in prostitution and prostitution related crimes.

Team members have been assigned to individual apartment complexes within the UNET boundaries and are working closely with those apartment's managers. Team members are assisting the managers through the Riverside Crime Free Multi Housing Program and have begun "Phase 3" inspections for the program. The apartment managers, as well as the UNET officers have been very receptive to the program and are continuing to make their complexes safe for their residents.

Since the UNET team was developed in 1994, there has been a significant decrease in Part One crimes in UNET reporting districts. The significance of the decrease should be filtered, to some degree, with the regional and national trends of decreasing crime. Certainly, the team cannot claim sole responsibility for the decrease in crime. Rather, the UNET community, working hand in hand with the police, taking responsibility for their neighborhoods, and helping to develop crime control priorities should get most of the credit.

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