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Residential and Campus Access

With a daily population of over 24,000 students, faculty, staff and visitors, UCR is comparable to a small city. There are no walls surrounding UCR, which means that there is open access to the campus 24 hours-per-day. Further, there are no restrictions on visitation to any campus housing area.

On-campus housing facilities range from bungalows and apartments designed for student families to multi-student apartment complexes and undergraduate student residence halls. The UCPD and Housing personnel work closely together to support a safer and comfortable living and learning environment. Available programs and activities include: Neighborhood Watch, nightly C.S.O. patrols (used to augment the round-the-clock police officer patrols), and dissemination of information to housing staff and residents.

The sharing of information through Community Crime Alerts and Housing newsletters helps to create a better informed resident, and therefore, a safer resident. However, residents, like all other community members, must take an active role in ensuring their own safety and security be exercising common sense. Part of this responsibility is to stay informed; lock the doors and windows of residences, vehicles and offices; and report the presence of unknown or suspicious persons to the UCPD.

A&I InteriorAt UCR, as in most communities, property crimes are the most prevalent problems, including: bicycle thefts, vehicle thefts, and burglaries (vehicle and residential). Although crimes against persons are rare, they do occur and must be considered as a part of a common sense approach to living, working and studying in the campus community.

The nature of the studies being conducted at UCR require that many of the buildings situated throughout the 1,200 acres of the campus remain open virtually 24 hours-per- day. Because the campus is so large and accessible, individuals having no legitimate business at UCR can find it easy to come onto campus and wander around looking for criminal opportunities. So, regardless of the time of day or night, no matter where you are on the campus, be alert and aware of your surroundings and exercise good common sense precautions as you would elsewhere.

Taking simple precautions can reduce your likelihood of being victimized:

  • Callbox
  • Stay informed about conditions on campus by reading available publications.
  • Take advantage of safety services provided by the University.
  • Use the Campus Safety Escort Service, or the "buddy system," when out at night.
  • Learn the locations of Emergency Call Boxes, Emergency Phones, pay phones, and the Police Department.
  • Lock-up your property at home, on-campus and in your car. This includes doors and windows.
  • Consider investing in a steering wheel locking device and/or alarm system for your vehicle. Don't scrimp on your bicycle lock.
  • Promptly report all crimes to the UCPD.
  • If you have any concern, or need assistance, do not hesitate to contact the UCPD, any of its employees, or any other UCR staff member.
  • Follow prevention guidelines.

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