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Suspicious Package Procedures

We want to remind our community about how to handle circumstances involving suspicious packages. A suspicious package or item can be anything that is out of place, cannot be accounted for or is suspected of being an explosive device.

If you receive or discover a suspicious letter or package:
  • Do not touch, tamper with, or move it
  • Call 9-1-1 and report what you suspect immediately to UCPD
  • Campus police will determine if evacuation or other action is necessary
  • Notify your supervisor of what you suspect

For more information about campus emergency procedures, go to the UCR Environmental Health and Safety website.

Mail Bomb Recognition Checklist

If you receive a suspicious letter or package, and suspect the possibility of a letter bomb, contact the police department immediately. Do not handle or move the letter or package no matter how much it had been handled before you became suspicious. The letter or package will be evaluated by the responding police officer. If necessary, bomb disposal experts will be called in to further handle the situation.


  • Oil Stains ("sweating" of plastic explosive)
  • Inks (particularly reds and blues), may bleed, staining the envelope
  • Use of extra sealing tape or string
  • Inner sealed enclosure
  • Peculiar odor
  • Wires, string, or foil sticking out or attached
  • Feeling of springiness in the sides, bottom, or top


  • Heavier than usual for its size
  • Weight unevenly distributed
  • Heavier than usual for its class (for example, an air mail envelope weighing more than two ounces)


  • Greater than normal, particularly along its center length


  • Not uniform, or with bulges
  • For medium size envelopes, the thickness of a small book and fairly rigid
  • For large envelopes, bulkiness, an inch or more in thickness


  • No return address or unusual return address
  • Hand printed
  • Addressed to a high ranking executive either by name, title, or department within the organization
  • Title for the executive is incorrect
  • Poorly typed or handwritten address


  • Marked (written or stamped) personal, confidential, private, or eyes only
  • Marked (written or stamped) air mail, registered, certified, or special delivery
  • Misspelled words, particularly those in common business usage
  • Style of writing is foreign


  • Excessive postage for the piece


  • From an unusual city or town in the United States
  • None, hand-delivered or messenger

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