It is the standard practice of the UCR Police Department to conduct comprehensive and through investigations into any allegation of misconduct or substandard service.  Whether such allegations are from individual's complaints or internally generated.

Our procedure for receiving and investigating such allegations shall comply with all requirements of California codes, and in compliance with UCR Police Department Policy 1020 - UCR Police Department Personnel Compliant Procedure.  The investigation of allegations against peace officers shall specifically comply with the  California Public Safety Officer's Procedural Bill of Rights.

Complaints will be accepted in person, over the telephone, or in writing.  Anonymous complaints or complaints from individuals who wish their names to be held in confidence, will also be accepted for investigation.

The notification of the complainant is an integral part of a complete investigation.  However, it should be emphasized that only the final disposition will be released.  The discipline imposed, if any, must be regarded as confidential personnel information.

You have the right to make a complaint against a police officer for any improper police conduct.  California law requires this agency to have a procedure to investigate complaints.  You have the right to a written description of this procedure.  This agency may find, after investigation, that there is not enough evidence to warrant action on your complaint.  Even if that is the case, you have the right to make the complaint and have it investigated if you believe an officer or any member of the police department behaved improperly.  Civilian complaints and any reports or findings related to complaints must be retained by this agency for at least (5) years.

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