The UCR Health, Well-being & Safety team (HWS) under the leadership of Associate Vice Chancellor Dr. Woods is co-creating a new holistic tiered safety response system to better serve the needs and wellbeing of the whole Highlander community when called upon for assistance.

We are deconstructing the historic safety model that relies upon the police as the primary professional who responds to all types of incidents when called by the community.  Together, we are creating a new safety response system that enhances community safety by matching the best type of responder with each call for service.

Now, HWS will enhance safety by soon adding the Student Well-being Intervention & Follow-up Team (SWIFT) to respond to community members experiencing a mental health crisis. Additionally, police & safety services will add community safety responders, new unarmed safety professionals, along with Highlander student EMTs, to support SWIFT and respond to non-violent and medical aid types of calls for assistance. Your campus police will expeditiously respond and strive to protect the Highlander community from violence and crime.

Tiered Public Safety Response