Campus Safety

Your safety is our top priority.  A culture of safety takes every student, staff, and faculty member of the Highlander community to make a difference.

You are the first line of defense to help create a safe campus environment.  While no place is immune from crime, you can help increase campus safety by maintaining your awareness, using crime prevention strategies, and embracing UCR's Principles of Community.

Your UCR Police & Campus Safety personnel are here 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to serve you and support a safe, inclusive and empowered community.

UCR has many other resources to support your safety too.  The link on this page to the UCR Safety Resource Guide provides an overview of many available campus partners that may be helpful, especially when it does not require an immediate response by a police officer for an emergency or crime report.

The UCR Campus Safety Overview video link on this page shares additional important safety and crime prevention tips to support your safety.

See Something - Say Something

Help stop crime by reporting suspicious activity to UCR Police & Safety Services immediately - race, gender, and religious affiliation are not considered suspicious.

UCR Principles of Community

UCR Safety Resource Guide

UCR Guide to Working With Distressed Students