Active Shooter Awareness

Being prepared before an emergency occurs can save lives.

Unfortunately, according to the FBI, there were 61 active shooter incidents in 2021, which represented a 52.5% increase from the year prior and a 96.8% increase since 2017

While we hope an active shooter incident never takes place at our campus, out of an abundance of caution, we must be prepared.

  • We urge you to learn what you should do to increase your chances for survival during a violent incident by watching the video link on this page and participating in a active shooter training presentation.

UCR Police Officer Training

Your UCR Police officers have received active shooter response training annually since 2007.  Since the Columbine tragedy, our officers are trained to respond directly to the threat and address the threat themselves and not wait or rely upon another first responder agency or "SWAT" team.

Active Shooter Informational Video


Request Active Shooter Presentation

We are available to provide active shooter and safety awareness presentations to small or large groups.