The safety and wellness of the Highlander community is our utmost priority.  We are committed to intentionally and authentically reimagining campus safety with you to support a welcoming, inclusive, safe and empowered community.

Progress is impossible without change. We are striving to become the model of guardianship for the future of the campus policing profession by implementing tangible structural changes to earn and maintain community trust.

A culture of holistic safety and wellness is one that supports advancement of the public good to foster sustainable social justice outcomes equitably for the whole Highlander community.  Holistic safety is more than protection from violence; it also includes food security, housing security, mental wellness, healthcare, equitable access to education, and more.

We are excited to be part of the new Division of Health, Well-Being and Safety, which is uniquely positioned to provide a comprehensive framework of services, resources, and programs to support the wellness of our whole community.  By being part of the new Division, the campus police are accountable to the division and community to be a part of the solution to holistic safety and wellness.