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The UCR Health, Well-being & Safety Division believe in creating holistic restorative justice alternatives outside the formal criminal justice system in order to support community safety through accountability and community healing for students who commit lower level misdemeanor crimes.

The UCR Health, Well-being & Safety Division, in collaboration with the Riverside District Attorney’s office, is currently developing a restorative justice program for UCR students that provides the UCR Police & Campus Safety and the Riverside District Attorney’s office the ability to refer many lower-level infractions and misdemeanor charges to the new diversion program.

The program’s purpose is to focus on education, healthy decision-making, rehabilitation to affect behaviors, encourage healthier lifestyles, well-being of the person(s) harmed, referrals, and healthy reintegration back into the community without the stigma and barriers often time created for the wrongdoer through the criminal justice system. 

Restorative Justice Program Pic