A Culture of Guardianship

At UCR, your police and safety professionals are striving to become the model of guardianship for the future of the campus policing profession by partnering with students, staff, and faculty to build a safe, inclusive, and empowered community.

  • We are a part of the holistic Health, Well-being & Safety Division
  • Operational paradigm shift focusing on guardianship through prevention, intervention, education & efficacy.
  • Accountability through data transparency.
  • Reimagining traditional law enforcement services through a tiered safety response model.
  • Completing enhanced ongoing training, including diversity and implicit bias awareness.
  • Our competent campus safety professionals who are dedicated to serving the whole community.
Officer with groceries
Guardianship Culture Defined
A "guardian" is defined as a "defender, protector, or keeper" - one who advocates for another.
A guardianship culture is one in which campus police and safety professionals strive to defend the community through procedural justice, rather than focusing primary efforts to control safety through enforcement. 
A culture that values all members of the community and views them as safety partners.